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I don't know if you read the millennium trilogy or not, but 50 Shades depicts a completely inaccurate BDSM relationship, one that could be argued as abusive, manipulative and romances violence against women. Lisbeth would never put herself in such a situation (she & Mimi had a consensual, caring relationship), she constantly fights against violence against women and would never subject herself to the conditions in which Christian Grey does Ana


I have read the Millenium trilogy and I know how Lisbeth feels about men who abuse or hate women but I don’t agree with you about Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian actually cares for his subs and he never does anything that they don’t want or like, that’s why they have safe words. He doesn’t do anything with the intention to hurt them, he does it to please them. So it’s very different from abuse and from what Lisbeth despises. And as Mimmi said Lisbeth was usually the sub when she and Mimmi “played games.” Personally, I really dislike Ana’s character, Lisbeth would not put up with anything that she didn’t like and Christian wouldn’t have done anything against her will.. That’s just my opinion and as far as BDSM goes, it’s different for everyone, some people get pleasure by more pain, it isn’t considered as abuse, if both of the people who participate in BDSM acts give consent.

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please explain lisbeth and that 50 shades dude together i really can't see it


Okay.. I just think that if Christian Grey had hired Lisbeth to investigate something, when she’d report to him he would have been really impressed and probably would have checked her background and found out who she was, I think he would have mixed feelings about her but also feel like he could relate (they’re both damaged, both of them had lived with foster families) and I think he would have tried to talk to her about anything but Lis would just ignore him (Christian would have been surprised, he thought he was secretive about his private life) and you know, she doesn’t mind BDSM since Lisbeth and Mimmi do that stuff so I think Christian would have been really intrigued by her and Lisbeth by him .. I have a whole story for how it would go but you probably see where I’m going with this.. Or not..

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